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Lore-icorn Skate Deck

Lore-icorn Skate Deck

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Lore-Icorn appears in many faces of the unicorn form. She now gallups into your heart on a custom handmade deck that you can ride down your very own rainbow road.
Introducing our newest design in 

Our colorful, rainbow, Lore-icorn  decks are highly desirable among skater-girls. A unicorn is a rare mythical creature that holds special powers. Just like a unicorn,  a female skater, a Lore-icorn, is a rare creature.  She is cherished and holds immense power to encourage and guide others to be the best they can be through skateboarding.

This design is currently not available in stores or skate shops.  You must order from our site for this one-of-a-kind deck , designed for girls,  by our female owner/designer.  Supplies are limited.

Less then 20% of all skateboarders are female. Lore Skate Decks is striving to change those numbers. You deserve the amazing benefits for the mind and body that skating offers.

We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality skate decks with careful consideration toward our Mission: to inspire and nuture the female spirit -one girl, one skateboard, one neighborhood at a time.

Our skateboard decks are made in the USA of 100% American/Canadian Maple. We paint natural or assorted stain on the top and middle ply. They are medium concave, popsicle/ band aid shaped.