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Types of Sponsorships
There are several types of sponsorships. The answer to becoming sponsored is to start at the bottom and work your way up.
We have listed below the tiers that pertain best to us.
As is true with all of the tiers, we will be looking for improvement in skating ability, and, most importantly, a core love of skating. Although we will be putting our best efforts toward every aspect of the lifestyle, including competitions, shows, and so many of the stunning opportunities in the world of skating, we must, also, have a DIY attitude that projects the fact that we are independent, capable, and having a blast!
1) The entry sponsorship is the Brand Ambassador.  This is a person who is enters an agreement with an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.
Using social media, as well as interacting in a personal and direct way with people that show up in your daily lives are two examples of how a sponsored skater will represent Lore Skate Decks.
2) The next level of sponsorship is Flow. If you’re able to get Flow sponsorship, then you have a good shot of moving up through the ranks to the professional level. Flow skaters aren’t necessarily sponsored by a company, but they do receive free products. No contracts are signed and no expectations are set, but most flow riders receive gear every month. Companies hope that these little bits of free equipment will help the skateboarder reach the next level.
3) Athlete Tiers
A) Amateur
This level of skateboarding sponsorship is the first step into the big leagues. An amateur sponsorship means that you’re actually an employee of the company that is sponsoring you. The company will distribute video footage and pictures of you skating and promote you through magazine advertisements. In return, they expect you to only use their equipment and to talk about them in a positive light. Most skateboarders with an amateur level sponsorship receive as much free equipment as they can handle but don’t get paid any money to use it.
B) Professional
If you reach the pro sponsorship level, then you’ve made it to the top. Pros are massively promoted by their companies, appearing in multitudes of videos and advertisements. Sometimes, companies even give their pros signature gear. This means that they allow the pro to take part in the design process of a particular product and then use their name on it.