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Dead Astronaut Skate Deck
Dead Astronaut Skate Deck

Dead Astronaut Skate Deck

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Death in The Final Frontier!

Commerate the world of sci-fi and sci-fact in this elaborate depiction of our famed adventurer on our Premium, Custom Decks!

Made in the USA! Made in the USA of Premium American and Canadian Hard Maple

If you love space and the ideas of space travel, time travel, and the adventures that they speak, join us as this story into the Last Frontier blasts off. The Dead Astronaut peers through the looking glass of his space suit into the void of time and distance. This fearless individual pondered what the universe could communicate and searched for the conversation. The tale of the astronaut lost to infinity is just the beginning of the Legends of Lore


Unknown to either, the Dead Astronaut, and the Blue-Eyed Octopode, are destined to meet somwhere in the sands of time and isolation.

It just the beginning of this story. One of spirit and reckoning, fear and friendship, comedy and tradgedy. 

These character decks are limited, collector quality prints, and they are nearly out of stock. (2 Blue-Eyed Octopode, and 3 Dead Astronaut, as of this writing.)